1925 Chevy for Sale

1925 Chevy for Sale just for you? Well, you've come to the RIGHT place!

1925 Chevrolet Tourer for sale!

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I’m selling a 1925 Chevrolet Tourer.

Chevrolet Tourer

Chevrolet Tourer

A quick description of the above antique car can be found below.

i) It is 86 years old (as of the year 2011)

ii) Built from the ground up, and comes with a short engine and gearboxes for spares

iii) It has 4 cylinders with about 25HP

iv) It has clocked up to 5,000 miles of mileage since it’s rebuilt (in 2002 – 2003)

v) Max speed can go up to 40-45 mph, with 3 forward gears and a reverse gear

Other information with regards to the car is simply,

i) It is registered with a vintage car club (in Western Australia), and has a day license

ii) Won the best restoration award in 2008 (with a local vintage car club in Western Australia)
More information will be revealed to those who are serious in such an antique car
(i.e. full set of hard print photos from the ground up, etc).



Interested parties, please be inform of the following,

a) I’m looking to sell it at $27,000 AUD (Australian Dollars) based on it’s worth.

b) It can be shipped in a cargo, and the port of disembarkation will be from Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia

Should you have any inquiries, kindly contact me at the following avenue,

e-mail: 1925chevyforsale@gmail.com

phone: +65 9826 6755

Thank you


Written by mooos chevy broker

October 24, 2011 at 2:04 pm

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