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Old School Chevys for Sale

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When in the market for vintage cars, people usually first think of Chevy or Ford company. Both are great American brands that have been around for a long time. Both have a wide variety of classic cars that are out of production as well as still in production. When it comes to car enthusiast, usually one has a preferred auto maker and will staunchly support them. There are some who don’t have a preference and simply love the cars themselves. When in the market for Old school cars, Chevy’s as well as Fords are often found for sale in the classic car market.

Chevrolet became the most desirable and most sought after auto brands in the market about half a century after they open their doors. Chevrolet was founded in 1911 and it became a part of General Motors in the year 1918. At that time they faced difficulties competing with Ford whom had already conquered the market and become the most popular brand. Their sales were more their competitors by such a broad margin that it was almost impossible to contend. In late 1950 Chevrolet decided to change their previous lines of design and specifications to make a sleeker model. They wanted to give their vehicles a much sportier look. Bel Air was the first of these post makeover products. It was followed by Camaro, Chevelle, Impala and many other generations of models. They have maintained a grand level of popularity since these changes.

Chevrolet Bel Air (1950-1975)
In the year 1950, Chevrolet engineers came up with a revolutionary product, which had been a style statement for more than two decades, the Bel Air. It was manufactured for almost twenty five years and seven generations of this car have been manufactured to date. In 1950 it was not named Bel Air. It was named a Convertible. The name was later changed to single it from other cars produce in the same time frame. It had non-detachable solid roof. It had a cost of about a thousand dollars; during the first year of production less than ten thousand units were sold. At that time most of the consumers were buying Ford re-styled options. To grab their attention or entice them to change sides, Chevrolet had decided to change the unpopular line completely. In 1957 Chevrolet made the most famous muscle cars of all the time. It was a unique car in that era and its marketing slogan was “1 USA.” As soon as Bel Air came out consumers gave it the name of the sharpest Chevy of the decade.

Chevrolet Chevelles (1964-1977)

Chevy Chevelles was another remarkable muscle car made by Chevrolet division of General Motors. It was a mid-sized automobile produced in three generations from the years 1964 to 1977. Chevelle was initially designed and manufactured mainly to complete with Ford Fairlane and target the consumers who preferred that type of car. In the year 1964 Chevrolet released Malibu Super Sport which was highly praised and acclaimed by the consumers of the era. In 1970 Chevelle Super Sport LS6 model was released. According to muscle car enthusiasts it was the best year for Chevelle. It was one of the most famous muscle cars even in Hollywood. It was seen in the film “The Fast and The Furious” as well as a television show “Starsky and Hutch.”

Chevrolet Camaro (1967-Present)
Chevrolet Camaro has been manufactured from the year 1967 till the present time. Like most of the other General Motor cars, Chevrolet Camaro was also manufactured to compete the market with another Ford model namely, Ford Mustang. Camaro has several similarities with another car Pontiac Firebard. Chevy Camaro was classified as pony car. In the year 1970, less than 2000 Chevy Camaro SS were produced. In the year 1971 Road & Tracked magazine chose Camaro as one of the ten best cars in the world. Camaro SS had a 395 engine, rust-free frame, solid black exterior and interior as well as a few exclusive features of that time like factory air conditioning, power steering, rear spoiler, center console, and bucket seats. A 1976 Chevy Camaro was featured in Sci-fi movie “Transformer” as the car of the protagonist and an autobot named Bumblebee. It got into limelight with this movie and that specific “Bumblebee” car was sold on Ebay for more than $40,000 USD.

While these cars have been idolized throughout history, they are actually quite reliable. Most parts in the earlier models are sure steel and are easily replaceable and available. The have less tech advances parts that most modern cars and as such are not prone to a lot of the wear and tear that fancy cars face on the roads today. These cars are stunning in their design in both their modern form as well as in their vintage forms. The best place to look for a Old school Chevy for sale is in car magazines that are issued locally, the internet, or even at annual cars shows across the country. There are still a great amount of deals to be found on the market.

Old School Chevy


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