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The coveted and well known Car of the year award, issued by Motor Trend in 1977, was clinched by Chevy for their new Classic Caprice Design. The new model offered by the maker was part of a large effort by the company as well as other car makers to downsize their cars to help ease the pains of the earlier oil supply crises of the previous 5 years. Their Caprice went on to become the number one car sold in theUnited Statesat the time as well as give home to General Motors that is could stay on top of their Japanese competition. This was a great innovation for fuel efficiency in the era as it offered great gas mileage when compared with other cars on the roads during the same time frame.

Americahas had a long struggle with it dependency on oil that still continues even today. Chevy attempted to meet that issue with their Caprice. You ca still find a cheap old Caprice among Chevys old models for sale if you are interested in this older version of an energy efficient car.

The Chevy Caprice was a full sized car and sold over a million of its model, while that may not seem to be a lot, is was back then as the population was much smaller as was the consumer buying power. They also released the car with a formal hard top for the more upscale consumer as well as the Wagon model for Families and driving women. Production of the Caprice came to an end only recently in 1996. That would not be the end of this great model however as it was to become a rear wheel driven car favored by Police agencies nationwide It is a upgraded version of the previous  and is actually produced by one of their subsidiaries, Holden group, who are located in Australia. This popular line has even held its ground in far reaching places such as theMiddle East.

The origin of the cars name was from a popular diner frequented by the then sales manager, Bob Lund.  The inside of course was full of pop and stance. It was lined with high end fabrics as wall as vinyl door trimming and seat covers. The carpet was highly plush and durable. The company placed walnut trip on the door panels as well as the dashboard. These features can only be found in cheap old Chevys, you will be quite lucky to find one for sale however. The Caprice also came in the Estate wagon model that was market to families and females. It had a lot of great features, however instead of real wood, it had simulated wood grain. Like its other version, it had vinyl seating in the bench style. It featured a V8* engine, which even today is considered very powerful.

Today, Chevy is trying to again meet the problem of oil dependency with a efficient driving option. Their design, the Volt has also captured the Car of the Year award from Motor trend. Many people avid driving all over the country when faced with rising gas prices and horrendous amounts of gridlock. The release of the Volt is set to itCaliforniaandNew Yorkby storm in an attempt to crack these historically difficult markets. The Volt is a plug in car that runs on a Ion Lithium battery. The car can take you 50 miles when fully charged and is equipped with a back up gas tank that obtains a great, 37 miles per gallon. If the car goes over as well as it predecessor the Caprice, It would be very good for GM as a whole and the Chevrolet Brand individually. It is hoped that the demand for this car will rival things like the iPod in such that the behavior of the masses will be changed drastically and create a cult like following. However if it flops it would be equally disastrous.

As of September of this year, the sales of the Volt were still under 4,000 units. In the days of the Caprice, the car sold much better in the same amount of time. Then again, only 4,000 cars were produced and they have all been sold. There is not a way to really indicate if the model will take off like the Caprice as it has only been offered at a limited number of dealerships nationwide and then only for less that a year. The company plans to offer 45,000 more units for sale in theUSby the end of 2012.

This is a great advancement for a company who is known for not making fuel efficient cars over the past years. The Volt, which is visually appealing along with the already popular Cruze, which is less visually appealing and compact but has great fuel efficiency, has brought more and more people into the show rooms for test drives as well as purchases. The Volt brings in the clients, and the Cruz is the ultimate purchase. This is mainly due to the twenty thousand dollar sticker price difference. Due to the fact that the Volt spurs sales, although not of itself, Chevy dealers are required to keep one in their showroom unsold purely for demo purposes.

Cheap Old Chevys
Cheap Old Chevys

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July 2, 2011 at 11:22 pm

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