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When you think about looking for a Chevy for sale you are most likely not looking for something that you can whip around the track. Most likely you are trying to save money but want to get a reliable car. Well In looking for a Chevrolet brand you can get both. Chevrolet has been using sports to get its sales across prior even to the advent of its branding. Louis Chevrolet, the co founder of the company had a much famed and celebrated reputation in motor sports, and despite his not remaining with the company very long, his reputation did. There was never a need to specifically target the sports market as the name itself implied that the brand was all about it.

Just as in its initial years, Chevys are know for being key in many car races as well as being a favorite brand for speed junkies be hey young or old. The car maker has several contractual sponsorships with baseball, kickball and most notably, NASCAR.  This relationship goes back to the fifties and the brands cars have won half of the races put on over the last years. This is not due to the finical support given by the brand, but it is directly linked with the quality and speed of the cars made by Chevy for the races. The same quality is put into the cars made for every day use by consumers as well. The top speeds reached on the track are not legal or possible in the neighbor hood, but many of the models available in new or used Chevy’s for sale are still quite fast and are purchased by most hot rod lovers just for that reason.

The Earnhardt family has the most extensive history with Chevy, a fact that has brought the race, the brand, and the family itself a lot of fame. The relationship started with Ralph Earnhardt. He won over 350 races in his short life time and drove cars from many well known car makers, even from Lee Petty and Cotton Owens. He died at the tender age of 45 but passed on the reigns to his equally famous son Dale Earnhardt.

Dale won six championships over his career using a Chevrolet. His style was very aggressive on the rack which aided his success and ultimately led to his downfall in 2001. He was sponsored by several companies and cars makers over the years, but his relationship with GM and Chevy started in 1988.  GM replaced Wrangler as the teams sponsor and went on to drive the trade mark black Chevy as sport the matching black outfit. This look gained him the nickname of “Dark Vader”. Dale Senor raced Chevy’s until that fated day of his demise, and Chevy mourned his loss heavily as both a racer, a person and as their natural marketing tool. All was not lost however as his son Dale Jr. also decided to follow in the family footsteps.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Mourned the loss of his beloved father but chose to embrace Chevy and racing. Even off of the track, you will find him behind the wheel of classic Chevy pick up or a Silverado. He is also known to own many Cameros. He drives a Chevy Impala sponsored by Unilever. He still races and has gained many trophies while under the banner of Chevy.

While Chevy and its cars are definitely All American, there are a great deal of demand for them abroad due to the great pricing and reliability of the brand. It might surprise you to know that new and old Chevys are for sale in 129 different countries. Already this year, there have been over two million cars sold globally. The success can be attributed to the brands ability to adapt its marketing strategies to each individual market and the overall durability of the vehicles it produces. Regardless of how the local cars are marketed, Chevy has made a point to keep the basic look and feel consistent regardless of location. The brand is not number one in every market but is does do well, for example, in Japan, the Caprice wagon is the most popular of model although it is a outdated and no longer available in the US. In Brazil on the other hand, Chevy is the cream of the crop among all cars sold in the country. To gain more success, the company will of course need to better target the audience, just like it does at home. If you live in the rocky areas of US for example such as Utah or Colorado, you would most likely be interested in a new or used Chevy mid or large pick up for sale. While the rest of the country this type does not fare as well as it is less commonly used.

Classic car owners and Chevy enthusiast are not limited to The States; there are many European clubs, click and private auto shows that love the American identity. Many of which are avid Corvette and Earnhardt collectors. Ford is second in Europe to Chevrolet.

Used Chevy
Used Chevy

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March 2, 2011 at 11:22 pm

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